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The Kaleidescape Experience

Get ready to re-discover your love of movies. Browse your collection of Blu-ray and DVD movies via our breathtaking and intuitive user interface from the comfort of your living room sofa. Let yourself be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor. Gone are the days of digging through stacks of DVD cases for that perfect movie night. Just press Play, and enjoy the show.


Kaleidescape Strato delivers better video quality than most commercial theaters

Kaleidescape 4K video



A Truly Theatrical Experience

The best way to discover and enjoy movies in the comfort of your home.

Kaleidescape Movie Store



Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, Kaleidescape brings together all your movies in a visually stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you. When you’re in the mood for something new, our Store offers thousands of titles—with new movies available in the highest quality often weeks before they become available on disc.

“Evidently, if a movie is available for early viewing via online delivery (i.e. iTunes and Vudu/UltraViolet) then it’s also available for download via the Kaleidescape Movie Store, in full Blu-ray quality. That’s frikkin’ awesome!”



Kaleidescape gives you the freedom to enjoy movies from a variety of sources. Whether purchased on disc, downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, or a third party UltraViolet™ retailer, Kaleidescape supports all formats and brings them together in a single library. We even preserve your investment in DVDs or Blu-ray discs by letting you upgrade them to HD or UHD quality digital downloads thanks to UltraViolet. Simply choose the movies you wish to upgrade and then enjoy them like never before.


For a truly unique new way of engaging with your collection, Kaleidescape’s team of movie buffs has handpicked and bookmarked the most memorable scenes—whether it’s a car chase, a magical kiss, or a grand finale—from thousands of movies, concerts, and musicals. Enjoy an action-packed sequence from The Matrix trilogy or relive the most memorable moments from Middle-earth. Or let your 5-year old watch her favorite songs from Frozen over and over. It’s an experience so unique that it will completely change the way you entertain yourself, your family, and your friends.



We make finding and discovering movies simple, fast, and fun. Skim through our engaging Covers View, hover over a particular title, and let the Kaleidescape Movie Guide recommend similar movies you might like. Get a quick synopsis from our Movie Details Page—whether on screen or via our iPad app, where you can see ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media™ and Rotten Tomatoes™. Or sort your collection in a flash via our elegant List View or customizable Collections View. With Kaleidescape you can quickly and confidently find a great film that everyone in your family can enjoy.




At Kaleidescape, we love and appreciate good design. So what exactly is good design? In our opinion, it is design that lasts. Good design makes life a little easier and perhaps even a little better. And while each element of what we do is important, we deeply care about the entire Kaleidescape Experience—how our hardware, software and services like the Kaleidescape Movie Store come together in ways that delight us and our customers around the world.




The Kaleidescape System knows all about your other home theater components and can intelligently drive control systems to obtain the very best performance from them. For example, you can set your system to always select the DTS or DTS-HD Master Audio tracks when they’re available, so you never have to access a menu on disc to enable these features. Anamorphic projection lenses and auto-masking screens? No problem! Only Kaleidescape offers a native 2.35 onscreen display and pixel-perfect masking cues for over 100,000 movie titles.



The world’s first and only online movie store to offer thousands of movies and TV seasons in pristine Blu-ray quality, and the largest selection of feature films in true 4K Ultra HD




Kaleidescape offers a simple, reliable, scalable, upgradeable, and professional system that has proven to be the best in the world for years running. For those who want the best and the easiest to use, Kaleidescape is for you. Los Cabos AV is the only local, authorized Kaleidescape dealer and service provider in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, San Jose and Baja California Sur, and we can help you with all of your Kaleidescape needs.