Phone, Internet & Wi-Fi

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Telephone Internet & Wi-Fi

Telephone, Internet and Wi-Fi is a basic part of our homes and businesses. Los Cabos AV offers a very ample line of products and services to help in all of these areas. Starting with the basic phone or internet line, we can provide telephone, internet and Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home or property.

Los Cabos AV is Certified in Structured Wiring, and offer a wide assortment of products. We carry complete lines of Cables, connectors, switches, access points, faceplates, jacks, installation accessories, etc. We can complete the installation start to finish, go in to repair with a Service Call, add, improve, or just provide you with the needed parts.

For telephone lines, we are Telmex reps and as a value added service for our clients, can help set up new Residential and Commercial Phone Lines, assess, change and upgrade Telmex services, installation of the line(s), service problems, and we can cable the entire home or property for adequate telephone coverage.

For Internet services in areas where Telmex and their DSL service are available, we can help with the entire process including the initial submission of information so they will install the line. We can cable the entire home or property so each and every area has a wired Telephone and Data connection, allowing options both for now and in the future. As time goes on, more and more devices are internet ready, in many cases require internet connectivity either to take advantage of its capabilities or even to work. An adequate network and backbone is more and more prevalent in our current day homes, properties and businesses.  We simplify all this for you.

For increased Wi-Fi coverage in the home, it is possible to completely blanket your home or property, both indoors and outdoors with Wi-Fi coverage. This is not a traditionally easy task when everything is built of cement. To accomplish this we offer equipent designed to do just that; wireless access points. Our product lines include Araknis, EnGenius, Ubiquiti, Luxul and Pakedge, some of the best in the business.

We carry a complete line of Leviton products as well, which covers cable, jacks, faceplates, switches, patch panels, racks, etc.

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