Project Design

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Project Design & Management

When designing a new home or business, a proper design to include conduit layout, sizing and distribution for audio, video, telecom, security, lighting and smart home technologies is imperative. In Mexico construction is generally made of cement. Once the building is finished, adding adequate conduits for even basic necessities is extremely difficult to say the least, and very costly as one has to open cement walls and then run the conduits then again plaster over and repaint.  It is in everyone’s best interest to do things right the first time, during the construction phase.

Unfortunately we come across so many projects, even today, that lack adequate preparations, conduits, and distribution. Owners move in and someone forgot to install conduit preparations for telephones, TVs, Speakers, alarm systems etc.  After the fact either the owner must accepts living without, or going through the expense, mess, and heartache of tearing through cement walls, marble flooring, etc just to receive what people would expect to be automatically included from most any architect, builder or contractor.

Los Cabos AV is here to help in the initial design of your project to include conduit sizing, distribution, speaker and accessory placements, etc. We can work with your architect or builder, plans and designs, considering aesthetics, present day NORMs and requirements and specs, and incorporate planning for tomorrow in our preparations.  Don’t be caught after the fact without a correct design only to learn you cannot install what you want or need because someone did not plan for it. Even if you do not feel you need some of these items today, having the preparations with conduits mean we can install when it does become needed. Planning and implementing preparations is vital to any construction, so you are not limited or worse, for today and for the future.

Los Cabos AV, with certifications in Structured Wiring, offer complete AV, telecom, home theater, security, control and designs for new constructions and remodels. We can start with the design, we can even oversee construction to make sure things go in correctly, according to modern day specs and standards.