Alarm Systems

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Alarm Systems

Security Systems, Alarm Systems in Cabo, Los Cabos AV offers complete and professional Alarm Solutions for all types of properties. We do not subscribe to the belief that a one size, cookie cutter designed security system fits all.  We believe that each home and individual’s security and life safety needs differ.  That is why we pride ourselves on customized systems that truly offer the level of safety and protection that you should expect to be offered by a professional; security company.


Traditional alarms required wiring to each and every door, window and area, which is still preferred, but here since everything is made of cement, correct preparations with conduits is important. For retrofits we can now create alarm solutions that have either pure wireless or a mixture of both wired and wireless.

With the modern day alarm systems we also have the ability right from our cell phones or computers to check the status of the alarm system (even the best of us forget to put on our alarms), arm and disarm, even arm with only certain areas protected if desired.  Better yet with Honeywell Total Connect, we can be notified if the system hasn’t been armed, or if someone disarms it, like a housekeeper, property manager, real estate agent etc.  This allows us better information and control over our property, even when we are not here.

We offer complete alarm products by Honeywell, the worldwide leader in their field. With new technologies, alarms systems are much more than a traditional open a door or window and the alarm goes off. With current systems we can integrate additional devices and functions including:






• Valuable Asset Protection •

• Motion Detectors •

 Fire detection and water deployment •

• Water tank level detection •

• Thermostat integration for temperature vital rooms •

• Lighting •

• Cameras •

• Garage door access control •

• Door or gate access control •

 • Complete control via Cell phone and PC •

Los Cabos AV is here to help you keep peace of mind by better protecting your loved ones and property.