Whole Home Audio

Providing excellence in Audio Video Solutions to Los Cabos for over 18 years.

Whole Home Audio

Music is one of life’s simple pleasures. No matter what the mood, there is always a style of music available seemingly written and recorded just for you at that moment in time.  Los Cabos AV offers many whole home multi zone audio solutions, and we can help design and implement a system to cover all your Audio needs for your home or property.

Audio for the Whole Home

In this day and age, we should not have to limit ourselves when it comes to the simple pleasures of life such as music. Crystal clear, enveloping possibilities of listening to your favorite tunes, your mood changing protein, or even a simple soothing background theme.  Compliment your activity, party, relaxing or reading your favorite novel. Music is all around us, and the possibilities are available to have good quality sounds and the level we want whether subtle or room shaking, in each and every area of the home.

Multi Zone Audio

Simplistic yet extremely functional for each and every room, all independent yet linked together to provide you with what, when and where you want to hear it. Simple systems, from simplistic on-wall keypads to color screens for full control, or you can even use you iPhone or iPad as the control. We will create viable solution, customized just for you. Allow Los Cabos AV the pleasure to fill your life, or even just your home, with music.

For our core whole home or multizone audio system, we have carried and stocked Russound products for many years. Russound has proven over the years to provide long term durability, reliability, cost effective, mixed with modern technology to provide a great solution for most users. Integratable with most all control systems, Russound is a wonderful choice for all types of music lovers, from the avid music audiophile who always wants music playing to the occasional listener. Whether Russound or another solution, Los Cabos AV can make sure your music experience, when you use it will be great and simple to use.


We also offer other brands of quality Audio systems, including Sonos, Niles, URC, Crestron, Nuvo and more .In addition to Whole Home Audio Solutions, we also offer room by room, Stereo and even Home Theater sound, for that exercise room, bathroom, bedroom, patio, pool area, garden etc.  We offer a full line of indoor speakers, from tower, to small on wall speakers, virtually invisible in-wall and in-ceiling, outdoor options include on wall, in wall, rock style, flower pots, mushrooms, and more.  From the lowest, ambiance style sound to cathedral style speakers, Los Cabos AV offers a number of solutions to fit all of your A/V needs.