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 Cameras & CCTV

Why Security is Important

Security in the modern day is a basic necessity. Reasons for having a camera or CCTV system if not automatically apparent, include:

• Ability to check in on your properties and assets. •

• Checking employees. •

• Monitoring work being done. •

• Insuring the well being of your family or guests. •

• Prevention of most possibilities of break ins. •

• In the case of an intrusion or incident, being able to go back and pull up footage after the fact to find out what really happened, who the perpetrators are, and have a documented record of the incident. •

• Just slipping away for a moment to look at the ocean. •

Security Options

There are many different options for Cameras and systems including:

• Standard analog HD cameras and DVRs •
• Fixed or Stationary Cameras •
• Cameras that Point, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) •
• Several Style including Domes, Bullet, Eyeball, Turret  •
• 360° Panoramic View •
• Hidden cameras, from in wall, AC ducts, smoke alarm, motion detectors and more. •

• AntiVandal •
• Outdoor Marine Rated •
• Analog, Turbo HD •
• IP cameras and NVRs •
• Hybrid systems which incorporate both analog and IP cameras •

• Industry specific, including Thermal, bomb proof, mobile •
• Retail, Analytics, Face Recognition •
• People Counting Cameras, Get a precise customer flow statistic to evaluate sales performance •
• Heat mapping analysis to tell store owner which area attracts the most •
• Health Care Monitoring and Management •
• LPR (Licence Plate Readers) •

With modern day systems, both live and recorded camera feeds are available on your cell, iPad, and PC with just the push of a button.

Los Cabos AV recommend a mixture of both cameras and alarm system, so that in the case of an incident, you will first get a call from your alarm, then you can pull up your cameras right from you cell phone or PC and see what is going on.

Los Cabos AV is here for you to provide viable solutions for your needs and budget.

We carry many lines of Security Camera Systems, but HikVision, the world’s most trsuted in Security Camera systems, is our top pick for most needs as they offer the most complete solutions.  For the sixth year in a row, Hikvision has been named the No. 1 leader in global market share for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment worldwide by IHS Markit, a leading global research organization.


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