Networks & Backbones

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Networks & Backbones

When it comes to reliable communications in a home or business, whether enterprise, large or small, your Network is only as good as your Backbone, and your Backbone is only as good as your Network.

Networks and backbones are essential to every day communications, both in residential and commercial applications. They are all around us virtually everywhere we go.

The network is essentially the last connections and the intercommunication of devices on the system. The backbone is just that, the heart or structure of your network, providing adequate support, speed and ability for the rest of the network to work. A well designed, implemented and configured network will provide reliable, trouble free operation for many years to come.

Current speed standards for wired networks are based on CAT6 and Gigabit (1000 Kbps) technologies. Faster speeds and cables, including CAT6-A and fiber optic are commonly used for larger Backbones and for longer runs of cables, especially needed in larger enterprise applications such as hotels, multiple dwelling units, office buildings, etc.

Our standard for data networking installations has been Gigabyte technology and the use of CAT6 wiring for many years. This type of backbone will provide speeds of up to 1000 kbps, which is a very good standard for most uses, both commercial and residential, when extra long cable runs are not required.

Los Cabos AV is Certified in Networks and Structured wiring, insuring the best, most reliable options for your network and backbones. For full certified systems for commercial use we can provide full, factory manufacturer backed warranties for cabling for up to 20 years, providing cost effective solutions for the modern day business. Especially imperative for hotels, office buildings, schools and multiple dwelling units, certified solutions provide years of trouble free operations and are the most cost effective especially long term.


Los Cabos AV is here to provide professional, expert design, installation and long term support for your backbones and networks, which provides you peace of mind that what you are paying for now will last well into the future.