Point 2 Point

Providing excellence in Audio Video Solutions to Los Cabos for over 18 years.

Point 2 Point (P2P and P2MP)

Los Cabos AV has many clients who live out and about, off the grid or just where normal commercial infrastructure will not reach. Los Cabos AV has many possible options including Point 2 Points, which is virtually a signal sent via Wi-Fi (kind of like a hot spot) and antennas from one location to another. We can provide solutions for most all needs, as long as resources are available. We are currently working on joining forces to offer viable solutions in the East Cape and also going up the West Cape of Los Cabos to offer lower cost solutions for out clients.

Our current focus is with Ubiquiti products, one of the leaders in Wi-Fi and P2P products. They have proven to be leaders in their field and clients, other than Los Cabos AV include stadiums owned by Mark Cuban, among many other high end and large commercial establishments.

If your needs are outside the norms, outside current infrastructure capabilities or cannot get what you need in your area, Los Cabos AV can help integrate a solution, where P2P or an alternative.

Ubiquiti Networks